Staff Testimonials

It's a pleasure to work in a school where the teachers have the drive and the passion to deliver a set of core values to a student body made up of such diverse cultural backgrounds. I enjoy teaching at Al Bateen because everyday I see students who believe that a good education is the route to a brighter future.

Matthew Pollock, Head of PE – Al Bateen School

It is a great pleasure and privilege to work in Al Bateen school. As a teacher I find our students highly motivated and they want to be challenged in lessons. Their response is always positive; they strive to 'be the best that they can be' which is rewarding for the student, the parents and the teachers. Our students welcome new initiatives and projects; they are eager to extend their learning both inside and outside the classroom and this is reflected in their commitment to their lessons and to the CAS activities. I find our parents want the best for and from their children and this can only lead to successful outcomes.  As a member of staff, I am delighted to work with colleagues who are professional, committed and willing to share their expertise. We work in a 'high achieving' environment.

Rose Murray, Head of History – Al Bateen School.

It is an absolute pleasure and honour to work at Al Bateen Secondary School. I find my work extremely rewarding working amongst such enthusiastic, dedicated forward-thinking colleagues and students. Al Bateen is a multinational, happy, vibrant and caring school that focuses on excellence, achievements of our students and staff, promoting confidence and independence. It is a diverse and exciting place to work, constantly looking at broader learning opportunities for every student. This is highlighted by our vast and varied Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Programme which is in place for every student to participate, offering not only further academic learning but the growth and development of life skills such as team-working, and sporting activities to encourage competitiveness, health and fitness. If I was researching a placement at a secondary school for my daughters who are now grown up, I would not hesitate to enrol them at Al Bateen.

Sonia Stuart, Learning Resources Assistant, Al Bateen Secondary School.

Working at Al Bateen School has been the best challenge of my career. I love working with children from all over the world; the mix of cultures is fascinating. The facilities here are superb and the team of staff is the best I’ve ever worked with. Of course the job is demanding, but these demands are more than matched by the lifestyle it affords you. It has been a real pleasure having the opportunity to teach in such an environment. I doubt I’ll ever work in another school that offers international trips to all but one continent in a single week!

Mrs. Alison Cantrill, Teacher – Al Bateen School

Working at The Pearl has been the most enjoyable teaching experience I have ever had. I have been at The Pearl for five years and with its good leadership and excellent team spirit it is a pleasant and enjoyable school for us all to work in. I have high expectations for every child I teach and they never fail to deliver, with a smile as they do it.

Mrs Bronwyn - Pearl Primary School Teacher

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