Academy Academy Description ADEK Rating Curricula Location
Al Ain Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAl Ain
Al Bateen Academy

Secondary, Mixed

OutstandingEnglish National Curriculum,IB Diploma ProgrammeAbu Dhabi
Al Mamoura Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Girls Only

Good With Very Good Features English National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Muna Academy

Primary, Mixed

OutstandingEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Yasmina Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
The Pearl Academy

Primary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
West Yas Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Segregated 

GoodAmerican Massachusetts State CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Forsan Nursery

Nursery Mixed

Not ApplicableEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
  • 20 Jul, 2017
  • Aldar Academies

Whilst they lived there, I visited them for a short holiday, experiencing all the wonderful elements of the living in the Middle East and I also taught a few lessons at their school. Also, I spent three winter holidays in Dubai and Muscat, experiencing the culture and delights of the Middle East.

It is for these reasons that I decided to teach in the UAE. 

But why Aldar? 
A close friend of mine is an educational consultant and I asked him to recommend a school that he has worked with or knows of. He immediately spoke of Aldar Academies. So, my Abu Dhabi story began! 

How long have I been here? 
Six years so far, for five years I taught at Al Ain International, teaching PE, Swimming and year two before transferring to Al Mamoura Academy in 2016. 

What is it like teaching at an international school?
First of all, I loved teaching in England, the children, families and teachers are fantastic. These qualities are also shared at international schools. A huge difference between the two is that of experience, culture and diversity. Working internationally, all children and adults bring a wealth of this and we learn from each other daily. I was nervous before I arrived in the UAE because of the multiple languages that the children would bring, but to my amazement the main level of English spoken is fantastic. 

The day to day teaching is great, the children bring fun, smiles, laughter and of course a love of learning. 

What is it like living in Abu Dhabi?
Living in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi city is like having a huge communal family. The social side is great for individuals and families and even if you don’t know anyone, you are always welcomed to join a group. Activities are in abundance whether organised through an establishment or through a group of friends. 

My favourite pastime is to BBQ in the desert. We set up a small camp fire, tables, chairs, mats, cool boxes, torches and then just relax and cook on the BBQ whilst the children play on the sand dunes. I have been lucky to experience dune bashing with some local people whilst doing this.

My experiences have been mainly sports clubs which include, golf, football and rugby. Since moving to Abu Dhabi I have been introduced to triathlons and a massive community of triathletes of all ages, abilities and cultures. 

Food, food and more food. If you are a foody, you will love Abu Dhabi, from brunches, dining at Emirates Palace to local eateries, you will experience outstanding worldwide cuisine. This sounds expensive, but the purchase of the Entertainer app or book gives you two for one on more than enough restaurants. At the time of writing this blog, June, I have saved just under 7000 dirhams and eaten from all over the world! 

National Day is probably my favourite day of the year as it is celebrated in style. National history, present and future are celebrated, a lavish spread of foods are shared, gifts are given and an immense amount of national pride is displayed.

The local people are probably the most welcoming and friendliest that I have experienced. The Emirati culture embraces many wonderful things and people, no matter how large or small.