Academy Academy Description ADEK Rating Curricula Location
Al Ain Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAl Ain
Al Bateen Academy

Secondary, Mixed

OutstandingEnglish National Curriculum,IB Diploma ProgrammeAbu Dhabi
Al Mamoura Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Girls Only

Good With Very Good Features English National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Muna Academy

Primary, Mixed

OutstandingEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Yasmina Academy

Primary & Secondary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
The Pearl Academy

Primary, Mixed

Very Good With Outstanding FeaturesEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi
West Yas Academy

Primary Mixed / Secondary Segregated 

GoodAmerican Massachusetts State CurriculumAbu Dhabi
Al Forsan Nursery

Nursery Mixed

Not ApplicableEnglish National CurriculumAbu Dhabi

Year 10

Autumn Term
Students will start the year with an initial baseline assessment. They will then be introduced to their first area of study which is instrumental music from 1700 to 1820. They will study the background and stylistic characteristics of this period and the two set works as well as wider listening aspects. Students will also work on a variety of compositional tasks. Students will develop their music theory and analysis skills through a variety of listening exercises and activities. They will develop their confidence with performance and complete an assessed performance seminar at the end of the term.

Spring Term
Students will work on the second area of study, which is Vocal Music. They will study the two set works in this area as well as listening to a wide variety of unfamiliar works. Students will develop their ability to compose to a set brief in preparation for their final composition submissions in year 11. Students will have to complete regular end of set work assessments and perform in another assessed performance seminar.

Summer Term
Students will study the set works from Area of Study three, which is Music For Stage and Screen. They will also recap and revise all of the set works studied in preparation for their year 10 mock examination. Students should submit their completed composition at the end of this term. Students will continue to develop their skills in analysing unfamiliar pieces of Music. Students will perform for their end of year assessment.

Year 11

Autumn Term
The year will start with an initial mock examination on all set works studied so far. Students will work on revising all of the set works so far, whilst studying the final area of study called, ‘Fusions’. Students will start working on the Second Composition, which should be submitted at the end of this term In addition, they will work on correcting and refining their first composition. Students will perform in an assessed performance seminar.

Spring Term
Students start by confirming their choice of performance pieces. Both pieces should be at least two minutes each. All set works will be revised and knowledge assessed. Students will record all of their performances and submit both final compositions before the end of term.

Summer Term
Finally, students revise all set pieces, concentrating on exam techniques. The listening exam is around the final week before half-term.