Words from our Chairman

His Excellency Mohammed Al Mubarak

The rapid expansion of the population in Abu Dhabi is creating a need for increased access to good quality education in the Emirate. As a result, Aldar Properties PJSC created a Limited Liability Company (LLC) called Aldar Academies in the spring of 2007 to accommodate this growing demand.

Aldar Academies is planning to build a large number of schools in the coming years. It will build schools in the heart of Aldar's community developments with high quality, high performance buildings built to international standards. The schools will be built in an ecologically friendly manner, and will maintain this environmental standard. In addition to academic classrooms, the schools will have creative arts facilities as well as sports centres. Each school will also have access to state-of-the-art information communication technology to enable students to make the most of his/her education in this technologically advancing world.

The schools will not only offer its pupils a broad and varied educational experience, it will utilise the best teaching practices adhering to curricula including British, International, American, and Arabic systems. Aldar Academies will offer education to all ages including nursery, primary, secondary, sixth form colleges and all age schools.

To ensure that Aldar Academies provide the best standards in education, it is employing several methods to choose the staff and teachers that will shape the minds of its students. Aldar Academies will recruit strong and decisive staff with a clear vision of the school's direction and with a proven track record of excellence in education.

Aldar Academies plan to develop and maintain excellent relationships with parents and the local community enriching the lives of its students not only through academic education but also by teaching its students positive attitudes and behaviour for a brighter future. Aldar Academies will provide an understanding and caring attitude to other cultures and backgrounds and will maintain zero tolerance to bullying.

Aldar Academies will also offer a continuous Professional Development Programme for its entire staff to ensure that the best practices are maintained throughout the schools' academic year and beyond.